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Lower your monthly mortgage payment by refinancing your home loan with Cal Coast. 

How Can You Benefit From Refinancing Your Home Loan?

See if you can put more money in your pocket by leaving your high-rate home loan in the dust and refinancing with Cal Coast. Our expert Mortgage Loan Officers that can guide you through the process to find the term, type, and rate that fits your needs.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage Vs Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)

Cal Coast offers both fixed and adjustable rate options for refinancing your mortgage. For fixed, your interest rate is set when you take out the loan and will not change. With adjustable, your rate may fluctuate up or down. Explore the main differences below:

Fixed-Rate Mortgages

Looking for stable payments over a longer period of time? A Cal Coast fixed–rate mortgage ensures you have the same payment for the full term of your loan. Have the security knowing what your monthly payment will be for easier budgeting. 

Features & Perks:

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

An ARM keeps your rate fixed for a set amount of time and eventually becomes a variable rate that adjusts when interest rates change over the life of the loan. If you plan on only living in your house for a shorter period of time, an ARM may be a more affordable option for you. 

Features & Perks:

Want to discuss which refinance option works best for your unique situation?  Our expert mortgage lenders are happy to help (877) 495-1600. 

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Comparing Fixed-Rate Mortgages

Conforming/Super Conforming Fixed-Rate Mortgages Short-term Mortgages Jumbo Fixed-rate Mortgages
Term Up to 30 Years1  5-year2, 7-year3 or 10-year4 Up to 30 Years8
Closing Costs $0 out of pocket options $0 out of pocket options $0 out of pocket options
Maximum Loan Amount (1-unit, San Diego) Up to $1,006,250 Up to $1,006,250 Up to $2,250,000
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Comparing Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

Term 5/15, 5/56 and 7/17 5/19, 5/510 and 7/111
No Closing Costs Option1 Yes Yes
Maximum Loan Amount (1-unit, San Diego) Up to $1,006,250  Up to $2,250,000

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Mortgage Calculators

There are many financial decisions involved in buying or refinancing a home. Utilize our calculators to help you make the right decision. 


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APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates and terms based on credit history, subject to credit approval, and subject to change without notice. Membership and credit subject to approval. Serving everyone who lives or works in San Diego or Riverside counties. A one-time $5 membership fee and savings account required. Some restrictions apply.

  1. 30-Year Conforming fixed-rate estimated monthly payments.
  2. 5-Year TermBuster estimated monthly payments.
  3. 7-Year TermBuster estimated monthly payments.
  4. 10-Year TermBuster estimated monthly payments.
  5. 5/1 ARM Conforming
  6. 5/5 ARM Conforming
  7. 7/1 ARM Conforming
  8. 30-Year Jumbo fixed-rate estimated monthly payments.
  9. 5/1 Jumbo ARM
  10. 5/5 Jumbo ARM
  11. 7/1 Jumbo

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